Course map

A Entrance to the Golf Resort
B Clubhouse
C Restaurants 
D Tee 1 Woodside
E Main Scoreboard
F Club Range
G Panorama Range
   (closed during tournament)
H Halfway House (refreshments stand)
I Putting Greens
J Pitching Greens
K Staff car park
L VIP 1 car park
   (closed during tournament)
M VIP 2 car park
N Operations center
O Caddie hall
P Public car park 1
Q Public car park 2
R Players Lounge
S Tournament Office
V Volunteer Office

  Drinking water

  Storm shelter


  Shuttle bus stop


ProGolf AG
Schlachtstrasse 3
CH-6204 Sempach Stadt

Tel. 0848 258 246
info (at) 



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