Dresscode und Etikette


Dress codes applying to golf apparel will be in force out of respect for all players. Appearing on the links in proper attire is a demonstration of one's willingness to belong to the golfing community and submit oneself to its rules and modes of conduct.

Golf shirts must have a conventional or roll-neck collar and sleeves. No collarless shirts or any kind of T-shirt.

Long trousers
No blue jeans. That said, trousers fashioned from a jeans-type fabric that is not blue are acceptable.

Collarless polo shirts, tops and T-shirts must have sleeves. On the other hand, sleeveless blouses and tops must have a collar. Open-backed tops, though undoubtedly attractive, are not welcome on a golf course. Bermuda trousers and golf skirts are permitted.

Bermuda shirts are permitted on warm days.


The rules of the game play a vital part in the success, fairness and thrill of the day. Compliance with the rules is expected of both players and spectators.

Conduct on the course
Complete silence and stillness is required while a player is preparing for, and playing, a shot. You are asked to proceed along the edges of the fairways rather than down the middle.

No mobile phones!
Either switch them off or do not bring them onto the course. Using a mobile phone on the course is strictly forbidden and will result in your being banned from the tournament area.

No photography!

Video and stills cameras make distracting noises. Professional photographers must be in possession of valid press accreditation.

No dogs!

Please leave your pets at home – and not in the car!

Autographs: please ask for these at the end of a round
Please do not speak to players during their rounds. There will be plenty of opportunity for a chat when they have come off the links.

Bad weather

Play will be stopped immediately on hearing the weather siren. You are requested to seek shelter in the club buildings, never under trees or out in the open. Danger to life!


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